New tenants in Business Garden Poznań

Vastint Poland signed five lease agreements for office space in Business Garden Poznan. The first three have been concluded with new tenants: John Deere, Provident Polska and PORR S.A. Another two are related to the expansion of existing tenants: GSK and Capgemini. A total of 3,130 m2 of office space was leased.

“Business Garden gets recognition among new tenants, but it is also appreciated by companies which are already present in the complex. Once again, it confirms that the scale of the project and the standard of office space creates an ideal environment supporting business processes and development of operations centres of companies from the shared service sector. We also expect that the presently developed phase of the project will allow us to satisfy a growing demand for modern office space and attract new players to the Poznań market.” – says Magdalena Makuch, Leasing Manager Vastint Poland.

Business Garden is located at the intersection of Marcelińska, Kolorowa and Bułgarska streets in the Marcelin District of Poznań. Ultimately, it will comprise nine buildings of a total area exceeding 88,000 m2. The first phase of the project delivered to the market includes 42,000 m2 of modern office space spread over four buildings. The second phase of the project consists of the development of five office buildings with 46,000 m2 of leasable space of. The surroundings were designed as a large garden including work and relaxation zones with sport playgrounds. The complex has convenient access to public transportation and offers a number of amenities and services for tenants. The project also features a number of solutions intended to limit energy and water consumption, emissions of greenhouse gases and quantities of produced waste, which was confirmed by the LEED Platinum certificate awarded to the project.

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