Concept competition for the new stage in Gdynia Waterfront settled

Design office JEMS Architects from Warsaw is the winner of the urban and architectural competition with the purpose to implement the concept of the second stage of the Gdynia Waterfront at the President’s Embankment in Gdynia. The project will be developed by Vastint Poland.

The project involves the development of nearly five hectare area within the streets of Washington, Hryniewickiego and John Paul II. In the scope of the planned development residential buildings, offices, numerous service premises, hotel, conference area and spa, and public buildings, including a cinema will be created. An important element of the concept are the passages along with the mainstream square and landscape architecture, which emphasizes the individual functional areas of the future development with an estimated area of 75,000 m2.

From the six submitted works in the competition, the jury, consisting of representatives of the authorities of the city of Gdynia, investors and international architects, selected the best in terms of aesthetic, functional and operational aspects.

Marek Karzynski, Head of Gdynia City Planning Office, justifying the jury’s decision, said: “The newly designed buildings are in harmony with the modernist architecture of Gdynia. In the creation of public spaces, classic elements were used forming the so-called ‘soft borders’ – as arcades and pergolas, so it corresponds with the surroundings. Public, yet intimate nature of urban interiors are characterized by a human scale, conducive to creating a good atmosphere and “life between the buildings.”

“The area between the streets of Washington and Kosciuszko Square without doubt is one of the most prestigious and important sites in Gdynia. Direct neighborhood piers of tourist attractions and a number of events that take place in the immediate vicinity, create enormous potential for the planned buildings to become an important part of a public space of the city. We hope that by working in partnership with the City the planning stage of the project will be completed in a short time,” says Roger Andersson, Managing Director Vastint Poland.

Vastint Poland received this year’s the City Council “Time of Gdynia” award for the best investment for the first phase of Gdynia Waterfront, which was opened in May 2015. The jury appreciated the fact that the complex has contributed to the recovery of the city waterfront areas, which have been converted from industrial areas to public spaces for the residents of Gdynia.

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