Business Garden Poznan is getting greener

The construction of the office complex, Business Garden Poznań, has reached the final stretch. In recent weeks several thousands of plants were delivered to the site to be planted in the vast garden within the complex and on the roofs. The garden is a significant and characteristic element of the Business Garden concept, as suggested by its name.

Michał Wojciechowski, Project Manager of Business Garden Poznań says, “The internal garden is being created on the ceiling slab of the underground parking garage. The special ground features largely affected the choice of plants. The garden will be dominated by medium-height trees with non-extensive root systems.”

Maples, hawthorns, mountain-ashes and cherry trees will be arranged into lanes to emphasise pedestrian walkways, and in the form of blooming orchards. The composition will also include several free-standing groups of trees. A total of 217 decorative trees were delivered to the site.

Jakub Stanowski, Green Area Supervisory Inspector, says, “The garden is designed with a number of so-called islands created with dense groups of trees planted in concrete pots, similar in style of the building architecture. They will be surrounded by ground covers.”

In addition, more than 14,000 decorative bushes will be planted. Bushes such as alpinum blackcurrant will be planted along the building facades to create narrow hedgerows. Dense groups of barberries will separate sidewalks and parking bays.

A number of hardscape elements are also planned. Benches will be placed in the vicinity of the islands. Relaxation zones with gazebos and sport zones, where basketball and boule playgrounds are planned, will be arranged. Sidewalks made of openwork panels laid on lawns will lead to these zones.

In compliance with the environmentally friendly development principles, the green areas surrounding the complex will be watered mainly with rain water. Special containers for storing rain water were prepared in the garden. Water will be also retained by the green roofs.

The Business Garden Poznań, one of three business parks being developed under the Business Garden brand, is an A class office complex, consisting of nine buildings with a planned leasable space of approximately 80,000 m2. The first phase consisting of the construction of four office buildings with a total area of 42,000 m2 at Marcelińska Street is planned to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2015.

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